Slatehouse considers and emergency to be anything that will cause further damage to the property or something that is detrimental to the tenants well-being. Some things that we treat as an emergency is no heat in sub-40 degree weather, a sewage back up, a severe leak, no hot water, or no water at all. Our goal is to address these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have maintenance techs, HVAC techs, and plumbers on call to handle these types of situations. In addition to our on staff personnel, we also have a plethora of contractors at our disposal to call on evenings or weekends.

Slatehouse has a 24 hour emergency line that is manned by a handful of highly trained professionals. When a call or work order comes in after hours, our team will contact the tenant and first determine if we have a true emergency or if we can wait until the following day or week to keep costs down. If determined to be an emergency, we will dispatch a tech or contractor immediately. Throughout this entire process, we are communicating with the tenant. As soon as we determine someone is to be dispatched, we also send a notification to the owner. 

To contact our emergency crew you can either call

(800)-837-0037 ext 3.