SlateHouse Group Rental Application Information:

1.  Make sure you qualify

  • Household Income Requirement: Pre-Tax income must be 3 times the rent. Ex. If the rent is $700 your monthly gross income needs to be at least $2100. We include government assistance like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps), WIC, Social Security Benefits, Etc. **Child support is not to be included in total income**

  • Credit Report: Credit screenings with negative criteria such as past due utilities, car loans, or other voluntary debt could be declined.

    • Cerdit scores over 600, if approved, require first month rent and a full month security deposit before move-in.

    • Credit scores under 600, if approved, require first month rent, last month rent, and a full month security deposit before move-in.

  • Previous Evictions: No Landlord-Tenant Complaints (evictions) in the past 6 years. Unsure? Search here to see if you have any landlord-tenant complaints:

2.  Schedule a showing

  • We strongly encourage all applicants to see the property in person before submitting an application

  • Schedule online for best results - Click Here

  • Or Call the Office between 8:30am-6pm M-F. 1-800-837-0037

3.  Submit Application

  • Apply online - Click Here and search for the desired property, then click "apply"

  • Paper Applications - You can visit any of our office locations to submit a paper application. 

  • Application Fee - $30 per applicant. The fee can be paid online or at any of our office locations (check or money order only; no cash). This fee is non refundable.

  • All occupants over the age of 18 must apply.

  • Applicants are required to provide proof of monthly income and a copy of government issued photo identification (such as drivers license, military ID, passport, or permanent resident card). **Applications that are submitted without the necesary documents will not be processed until all of the required documents have been received.**

4.  Get Approved and Pay a Deposit

  • The property manager will contact you within 2-3 business days and let you know whether you are approved or not.

  • If Approved: You have 48 hours to pay the security deposit or showings will resume and applications will continue to be accepted. The property manager will also email a digital lease for you to review and sign. 

  • If Not Approved: In some circumstances, applicants may not be approved for one property, but may still qualify for other properties. In this case, applications can be transferred to one of our other available rental properties. Applications are valid for 90 days after running the credit report.

5. Other Information

  • Pet Policies - Most of our rental properties are pet friendly.

    • Pet Fees - We charge a $300 non-refundable pet fee at move-in and an additional $30 pet fee per month per pet.

    • Restricted Breeds - Unfortunately most homeowner insurances policies prohibit certain breads. SHG does not allow the following breeds in any rental:

      • Pit Bull Terriers

      • Staffordshire Terriers

      • Rottweilers

      • German Shepherds

      • Presa Canarios

      • Chows Chows

      • Doberman Pinschers

      • Akitas

      • Wolf-hybrids

      • Mastiffs

      • Cane Corsos

      • Great Danes

      • Alaskan Malamutes

      • Siberian Huskies

6.  Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I don't qualify by myself, will you allow for a cosigner? 

    • Yes! Your cosigner may also submit an online application by selecting the "co-signer/guarantor" option or by submitting a paper application at one of our office locations. Cosigners are required to pay the $30 application fee and must provide the same required documentation as tenant applicants. 

  • How long until I find out if my application is approved?

    • The property manager should contact you within 2-3 business days. If any required documents are missing from the application, it may delay processing. 

  • What should I do if I do not have an email address or access to a computer/internet? (Unable to submit application online)

    • Applicants - Come in to one of our local offices and someone will assist you. You can fill out a paper application at the office. Please make sure to bring a check/money order to pay $30 per applicant, along with proof of monthly income (such as paystubs), and your government issued photo identification. 

    • Approved Applicants - Bring a check/money order (no cash) to pay the security deposit in order to reserve the property. If the lease has already been prepared, you should have the receptionist print the lease for you to read and sign while you are there.

  • I do not have copies of paystubs to provide as proof of income, what should I do?

    • You may have your current or future employer write a letter as proof of income. This letter should include:

      • How much you will be paid (hourly or salary)

      • How many hours you will be regularly working (if paid hourly)

      • How long you have been working there or when you will start working there

      • Your supervisors name and contact information

  • I was not able to upload documents with my online application. How can I submit the required documents?

    • Please email your proof of income or photo identification documents to and they will make sure the documents are added to your application