Placing quality tenants into a rental unit is one of the most important factors to profitability. Our goal at SlateHouse Group is to find the best qualified tenants for each unit while also striving to minimize the time the unit is vacant.



As a modern real estate company SlateHouse Group utilizes what technology has to offer to help us find, screen and lock in quality tenants as quickly as we can. All units are marketed directly on our website: Our website traffics an average of 20,000 people per month! In addition, we also post on Craigslist as well as many other .coms including Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Realtor, Apartments, and more. Premium Leads is also an option to consider- click here to learn more about making your listing a Premium Listing.


Being available to prospects at all times of the day and any day of the week increases the speed of finding a qualified renter. SlateHouse utilizes technology to allow prospects to schedule a showing online 24/7. Prospects can also have a scheduling link texted or emailed to them so they can schedule on the go from their smart phone simply by calling (717) 707-7079 and dialing the street number of the property they are interested in. Prospects no longer have to wait for the office to open on Monday morning or try to make phone calls during their lunch breaks or play phone tag! 

In addition, some vacant properties are eligible for Self-Showings which means the prospect can schedule any day or time that works with their schedule and a secure lockbox will provide them access into the property for a one-hour increment. With Self-Showings prospects no longer have to rely on an agent's schedule to see the property they are interested in renting. Click here to learn more about Self-Showings and eligibility.


SlateHouse takes our screening process very seriously. All prospects ages 18 and over are required to submit a rental application on our website. Paper applications are also available at the office. For convenience, the application allows the prospect to pay the $30 fee online as well as attach necessary documentation including photo identification and proof of income. If completing from a smart phone the applicant and take a picture or screenshot to attach. Applicants a screened for credit and criminal history. They are also searched by name  through the state's public docket system for rental history from previous landlords which may not appear on the credit screening or have been disclosed on the application. (Public records vary state to state, speak with your local Property Manager to learn more about your state's public records). For poorly qualified tenants that are on the border of fulfilling the application criteria approval may be granted with the requirement of extra payments before move in. This may include last month's rent, extra security deposit, or a co-signer. (Restrictions vary state to state on extra payments at move in, speak with your local Property Manager to learn more about your state's restrictions). Poorly qualified applications will also be reviewed by the regions Director of Operations to ensure all information has been collected and assessed adequately. Click here to learn more about the specifics of our application criteria.


More questions? For more information regarding our leasing process please submit a support ticket by clicking here.