At SlateHouse we strive to provide a well rounded service to all of our owners. One of the services that we provide is in-house maintenance. In our arsenal we have maintenance techs, cleaners, and certified HVAC techs, plumbers, electricians, and roofers.  Our in house maintenance team allows us to respond instantly to emergencies and gives us a lot of flexibility.  

We also have a network of experienced subcontractors that we work with.  These subcontractors give us preferential pricing because of our scale. 

 Our maintenance rates are as follows:

Cleaning $26.50/ hour

Laborer $26.50/ hour

Maintenance Tech (Central PA) $39/ hour

Maintenance Tech (Philadelphia) $48/ hour

Maintenance Tech (New Jersey) $45/ hour

HVAC/ Plumbing/ Electric- $70/ hour

Roofing- 2 Techs at $140/ hour

In addition to having these certified and licensed technicians on staff, we have maintenance supervisors available to provide free estimates for renovations, unit turns, and in-depth inspection lists.