After receiving and signing the Property Management Agreement via Dot Loop, you'll notice there are other documents attached as applicable.  These are all required to begin the On-boarding Process.  We recommend owners complete and submit them along with the contract to not delay the process. 

    You should have also received an email with a link and flyer.  The link directs you to a New Property Information Sheet that we ask all owners to fill out.  We strongly advise all fields to be completed to the best of your knowledge.  This sheet contains all the information we need to enter the property and owner information accurately in our system such as:

  • Owner name & contact information
  • EIN or social security number
  • Preferred method of payment - encoded section for bank details if interested in setting up direct deposit
  • Property details - registration status, utility company information, occupancy status, maintenance information, how to expect keys be delivered
  • Tenant information - contact, rent amount, leases, balances
  • Additional note section at the bottom - can be used for any relevant information you'd like to relay during on-boarding

    Once we receive the property information sheet, the Director of Account Management begins the On-boarding Process.  All information that was provided is entered in the property management software we use called AppFolio.

    An introductory email is then sent to the owner including the Property Manager and Director of Operations.  This email covers basic information regarding our procedures.  Attached you will find an FAQ document which contains more helpful and important details about our company.  Within the next 24 hours, your Property Manager will follow up with a phone call and/or will schedule to meet in person, for a more formal introduction.  Moving forward, your Property Manager will be your main point of contact.

    The main objective of On-Boarding is to make the transition of new Property Management services as smooth and efficient as possible for our owners, and our Property Managers.