Almost exclusively people contact us first.  Either they found us online while searching for property management solutions, they met us at one of the 7 local investors clubs we run, or they were referred by an existing client who is thrilled with our services.


    The process begins usually with a phone call, email, or web portal contact form an interested person submitted to our main office.  The Regional Manager for the area where the property is located contacts them back, by phone call if possible.

The purpose of this phone call is two fold:

    1) Listening

  • We listen to the owner of the rental property.  What is going well, what is not going well, what they would like to improve.
  • We gather information on the property.  Is it occupied, how many units is it, does it need work?
  • What is the owners goal?  To keep it or eventually to sell it?  (And sometimes sell it as soon as possible).


    2) Sharing

  • We share with the owner how our fee structure works, what services we provide, and how the process will work.
  • We then put together a game plan for executing the improvement items discovered in the listening phase.
  • Occasionally this results in a site visit.  That is not required, but we are very willing to meet at the property or here in our office if the client desires it.


    The last step in beginning the process is delivering documents, usually through email to review.  Often there will be clarifying and follow up questions.  Once they are handled, the client approves our month to month click to sign agreement.

And we begin the On-boarding process.