Bills, Bills, Bills....

SlateHouse receives bills either directly through the mail from utility companies (sent to our PO Box), or from emails that are sent to us by owners with PDFs of bills they received and wish us to pay. SlateHouse processes over 5,000 payments each month

Mailing Address - If you ever want to mail us something please mail it to:


PO BOX 5304 

Lancaster PA 17606

Billing Email Address-

Once a bill is received, it is typically entered between 1-2 business days into our property management software.  Within 1-3 business days of a bill being entered into the system, it is verified for accuracy and a check is sent to the utility company.  We mail in multiple payments at 1 time for multiple properties, and include a breakdown of the payments for each property to assist the utility company in processing the payments accurately.  In cases where the tenants are responsible, per their lease, the property is charged, and that bill is then charged to the tenant.  Once the tenant makes the payment, the owner is reimbursed.